They're in your city!
You cannot escape!!

'Invade all of the Humans' is the pilot episode for an epic neverending comedy series about two malfunctioning robot toys from the 80's. PX-Micron and Calculord 3, once popular but now discarded and somewhat deranged, spend their days in the park laughing at humans and planning their invasion of Earth. They also enjoy performing electronic music and dance routines. They require four AA batteries (not included).

Calculord 3

The super-advanced space robot with the powers of a calculator! His memory bank can store up to 4 numbers! Makes beep and laser sound, flashing lights and 'mouth screen'. Fully poseable, 'auto walk', and gripping claws! Enjoy hours of educational fun with 7 different game modes including 'Hidden Number' and 'Subtract!'. Commander of the giant robot invasion force, and evil mastermind Calculord 3 is in charge of calculating the plans for the destruction of all of the humans. No fixed address.

Calculord 3

NEW! The talking 'junior dictionary' with a library of 200 words! He makes spelling fun with word games and alphabet puzzles! Features 'look around eyes', 'walk automatically', and 10 musical sound effects! All he wants to do is learn new things and kill humans. Get the 'PX Advanced Expansion Cartridge' - to add new words like 'Lasers', 'Invade', and 'Attack'. The fun and education never ends!

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