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Who is Tom and Mark

Tom and Mark is a directing team and BROTHERS! from Cornwall in the United Kingdom. They met when Tom was born. 25 years later they decided to make animations together. They make animated advertisements for televisions and internets with their productions company Nexus Productions. You can watch their advertisements on the Nexus Productions website. They also get involved with various other things from time to time like making animations about crazy robots or performing live animations to imaginary soundtrack music. Recently they have been working on this website and an invention! The invention is secret.

Destroy all of the Humans

Its okay, you dont have to Invade ALL OF THE Humans! Calculord 3 and Px micron are finally here to do it for you. They are a pair of very dysfunctional toy robots who love rap music and destroying humans. Tom and Mark have made a short thing about them and all the crazy antics they get up to. Like hanging about in the park and exhibiting anti-social behaviour. They need to be locked up in some kind of metal box or perhaps given their own TV show? Meet the all new old robot characters Calculord 3 and Px micron! Guess who is who? Imagine the madness inside their tiny 8 bit minds. If you havent seen it yet you have to WATCH IT NOW!!! And enjoy it!! Its impossible to enjoy it too much. You just can't!!

Discover more about the imagination behind Invade ALL OF THE Humans. What were they thinking??!?

The london snorkelling team

Tom and Mark team up with long term collborators Brains and Hunch, multi talented Pascal Wyse and musician Ross Hughs to become the London Snorkelling Team. They are a music and pictures ensemble act with live original music and live animated projections. Tom and Mark are in charge of all the pictures and pens and making the drawings move to tell stories on the the overhead projector (OHP). The band is often joined by a scientist and a magician. Check out the LST website or Facebook to discover about upcoming gigs.

The London Snorkelling Team album "Audio Recording and Map" is available here and includes a beautiful and very detailed map drawn by Tom and Mark and a cd of music.